The After-light

The after-light amazed them
So golden, minted, new
It bathed all life in glory
Perceived by just a few
While most continued guileless
Oblivious to the glow
For those transfixed, it called to them
A mesmerising show
Their eyes were wide , expectant
Their breathing fixed in time
No history, no future
Secure in the sublime
The everyday forgotten
All wondering forestalled
Their being not a conscious act
As they all stood, enthralled
Then, shaken in an instant
The golden rapture left
And all resumed their wandering
sleepwalking, but bereft

Church Lane

Littered, puddled roadway
Stripped in shade and light
Leading on to Destiny
Leading where it might
Weaving past a badger set
Past an owl’s perch
Aimlessly meandering
Past cottage, farm and church
Littered, puddled roadway
Bound t’ward good or ill
I will take your twists and turns
Take me where you will


May I climb upon your shoulders just to glimpse beyond the parapet?

Kneel in awe and wonder at the joys not happened yet

Raise a teary eyelid at the things I didn’t get

Then slide back down in hope, a little stronger


May I nurse the thrill of Heaven through the days of mediocrity?

Sense a golden future when with eyes of lead I see

Leap and fly in moments from mundane reality

Then stagger through my hours, a little stronger


May with pleasures incremental, my encounters come to make more sense?

May I rub along with others, but without the need for self-defence

Disavowing contemplation, find I’m living in the present tense

Then walk my waymarked path, a little stronger


In the whole sweep of History

My life is not one jot

My life spent in striving

For the praise and not the blot

The stacked cards of fortune

For another’s hand to play

The crumbs of adventure

Mine to drop long the way

The route convoluted

I’m just glad not to account

For each bye-way taken

For each summit I did mount

The slate wiped behind me

Each day’s options filled anew

Not mine the assessment

One more suited knows what’s true

The Field a World Away

The field a world away goes on for miles

Beyond the seeing eye

Where warming nettle heads nod sagely

As they catch a butterfly

And dandelion clocks the only thing

That claim to know the time

As languid droop the buttercups

In heat-drenched pantomime

Forever green perimeter runs on

To meet the road

And infinite the sky above holds back

Man’s burdened load

To leave him strolling freely or collapsed

In wonder’s thrall

To breathe the scent of summer soon

With scarce a care at all


I’m re-posting this one from 2014, inspired by Mitch Teemley’s post today 🙂


Like Houdini wrestling frantically in chains

The creature flicked and struggled in its casing

Just yesterday it crawled along the ground

Oblivious to the change it would be facing


Its life had been to eat and move and grow

A mundane player in an earth-bound circus

Its passage was deliberate and slow

Untroubled by the need for greater purpose


But then, when it had seeming reached its peak

Its outer self, once supple, became rigid

It found itself enrobed in darker shell

Its inner core less gentle and more frigid


Alas, it felt its carefree days were done

And settled to await its final resting

It strained a little, fought with one last gasp

Unwilling to accept this unfair testing


Then, as it pressed, a freedom broke the case

And wings diaphanous burst forth

And what had been a worm that crawled the ground

Now hovered, like a jewel, above the Earth

The Fallen

Church is where the fallen go

To sometimes be picked up

Bringing tribulations’ tears

To wash in Jesus’ cup

With grief that’s overwhelming

And failures written large

Expecting condemnation

But relieved to hear ‘No charge’

Our pains feel irreversible

We doubt we can go on

We drag ourselves regardless

With faint glimmer of the Son

And somehow light will penetrate

And fiercest writhing still

To send us back to try again

Re-armed to do His Will





Spring Rapture

May I spend my days in a sunlit glade
The birds proclaiming fit to burst
My eyes alight with a golden haze
My heart alert and unrehearsed

May I sink down soft upon a cowslip bank
And recline in moss with all the urge to thank
Overcome with rapture on my verdant throne
That is mine this instant, yet not mine to own

Ah, the Spring’s delights may come but once a year
May I live on hopeful till they reappear