Every day the sheep get up

And ruminate some more

Today it’s rain, the next day sun

But always grass galore

It’s grass for breakfast, lunch and tea

And grass for in between

How do they keep their coats so white

When all they eat is green?


When I looked out one Autumn day, a merriment caught my eye

A whirling dervish of laughing leaves attempting to reach the sky

A spiral flame, a swirling mill

Who knows if they are swirling still?


Oh Carpenter of Nazareth

From dim and distant past

From a culture we’re not part of

In a role uniquely cast

Touching lives with love and healing

Seeking nothing but man’s good

Preaching personal redemption

Taking shelter where you could

Some adored you, some despised you

Then you died and went away

But you claimed that was your purpose

To create a better way


It is said death didn’t hold you

That you rose, are living still

Hid within the folds of Heaven

From that place you reach us still

Though the years have passed in thousands

Though man’s turmoil never ends

Still we seek you, want you, need you

Need the strength your spirit sends

Comfort us in doubt and struggle

In our lives materialise

Each new day awake new wonder

Carpenter who never dies


Their bowed heads are beautiful

Even though the flowers have died

A toughened ridge encircles them

While seeds are formed inside

Their summer’s gold has disappeared

Where glory stood them proud

Their height, their grandeur drew the gaze

As they displayed, unbowed

But Autumn wind, unkindly rain

Has loosed their certain grip

Their petals scattered far and wide

And age has bid them tip

But still they hug their secrets fast

Their treasure clasped and sure

Their death releases future life

Their genus is secure

Heaven in a Highland Glen

20190819_192521If you could create a heaven for yourself
From all of the scenes you’ve loved
The grandeur of a highland glen
With tranquil lochs enclosed
A peaceful wooded river walk
Cascading waterfall
A meadow on a sunlit day
The loom of mountains tall
If you could walk unbroken steps
Through backdrops of delight
Then heaven would be joy indeed
Where all your dreams unite

Autumn leaves in August

They said it was a portent

If portents were still a thing

Like pygmy shrews in pantaloons

Or hearing an aardvark sing

The sudden howl of donkeys

Or laughter from a cat

Like seaweed in a bedouin tent

There’s wonderment in that

The sky an orange sherbet

At midnight in July

Might indicate that it’s too late

To teach a dog to fly

But Autumn leaves in August

May tell a gentler tale

Of passing but peplexing days

Should we survive the gale


If I could fly away on the back of a crow

Content to go wherever they go

Above, aloft, through trees and boughs

Observing sheep, espying cows

Out-racing sparrows, robins, wrens

And startling rabbits into dens

We’d swoop and dive, a thermal ride

Would lift us high where we could glide

Unmindful of the life below

In moments lost, just girl and crow

Where the Birds Sing

May I never stop seeking you where the birds sing

May my heart lift with hope at the beat of a wing

May the rustle of Spring stir my quickening breath

And the signs of new life banish tendrils of death

May a morning’s fresh promise yield warmth and a smile

And a journey look hopeful beyond gate or stile

As I stand in a meadow, my soul in my hands

May delight lift me upwards to bright dreamed-of lands

Shooting Stars

There are shooting stars up there, you know

Beyond the Earth-bound cloud

The heavens are bright with dancing lights

If our eyes could pierce the shroud

A day can seem unfathomable

And life so strange and pale

But wonders rich dance on, dance on

When glory lifts the veil

The Tree that caught the Moon

Her blackened branches cradled there

A lustrous gift beyond compare

Spread, wide, yet undeserving, she

Upheld the night sky’s deity

An orb immense, whose borrowed light

Suffused the tree with pure delight

Though leaf and bud had left her frame

This honour magnified her name

Her royal crown and steadfast bole

Well-suited to a starring role

As tall she stood, and proud and fine

The expertise of her design

Enveloped Heaven’s spectral sphere

Her exclusivity now clear

She swayed and smirked at trees around

Convinced she stood on hallowed ground

But ere her branches stooped to bow

A darkened shadow kissed her brow

Her love departed all too soon

As she, bereft, let slip the moon