Hope is simmering like a pot to boil

Germinating in new-fertile soil

Now relinquishing the sorrows past

Freed to entertain my dreams at last

Knots unravelling that seemed tight bound

Loosing tentacles that wrapped around

Breaths completed as they ought to be

Unrestricted now to step out free

Recreated from a self dissolved

Starting fresh with all my puzzles solved



The purity, the innocence

The heart in love with love

The world a dazzling playground

A boundless treasure trove

Each day a great adventure

Each day new hugs and smiles

With endless vistas opening

Delights that run for miles

No mistrust and no caution

Expecting only blessing

Where kindliness is pre-ordained

And needs no second-guessing

Our childhood spirits still live on

Though trials may hide their light

But now and then we glimpse the past

Our young selves shining bright


I love the sound of the wind in the trees

As I fill my pot with blackberries

Those shining orbs of purple-black

Their swollen lustre calls me back

To pick and pick beyond my needs

Each straining, laden spikelet pleads

Take more! Take me! How succulent

And so I grab till force is spent

And home return with thorns and scratches

To bake my puddings into batches

And still the topmost branches call

Come back! Come back!

There’s more for all!


It the A-Z of life was a straight trajectory

With no diverging pathways to lure you temptingly

If no damaging dilemmas caused you deep anxiety

And no tantalising temptations convinced you you’d be free

If, encompassed by a bubble you rode harmlessly through life

With no painful piercing problems causing bitterness and strife

Would your strength be an illusion? Would you buckle in the wind?

Would you cringe and cower feebly when by misfortunes pinned?

Oh, I guess we’ll never find the truth, the purpose or the scheme

For sailing smooth from A-Z’s a Walter Mitty dream

Mathern Palace

Take me back to Mathern Palace

Wandering winding, leafy lanes

Brothers. sisters, lambs a-gambolling

Spying birds to guess their names

Oval eggs to warm a cupped palm

Dens in bushes out of sight

Climbing trees to reach the topmost

Scaling walls and taking flight

Plums for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Mushrooms plucked before the dawn

Snorting horses feigned indifference

Long before the day was born

Homeward bound with pockets bursting

Treasures to impress our Mum

Seeds and beads of perspiration

Mindless of the days to come

Take me back to Mathern Palace

Snowdrops pure against the rails

Place of childhood reminiscence

Heaven to fuel a grandma’s tales


You, the Lord, who knows my heart

And all the ‘me’s’ I could have been

You who saw me from the start

Foresaw my life from scene to scene

You who feels the darts of woe

Regrets and pains I can’t control

You who longs to let me know

Your help is there to guard my soul

You who knows the start and end

The reasons why, the ‘what must be’

Hope on which I can depend

Though I may stray, You’ll rescue me

Help me then today to find

The ‘me’ You love beyond my sight

Let me love her, heart and mind

Not weak and judged, but blessed and right

God on our doorstep

It isn’t in the far-flung haunts

That we must find delight

The treasures of an unseen world

Just there beyond our sight

The mountains, lakes and waterfalls

A plane journey away

Could lead us on an endless dance

If to them we might stray

The pleasures of exotic food

The lure of tribal beauty

Could mesmerise and call our name

Erasing thoughts and duty

While daily we might work and serve

Performing humdrum tasks

We dream of life beyond our doors

Where hedonism basks

But, O, a smile can stir our hearts

And contentment surprise us

When, in a flash, the veil draws back

We see what God supplies us

Our family’s love and constancy

True friends that understand

And days of grace, and growth, and strength

As we’re shaped by His hand



Had we the sensitivity to recognise your touch

Receiving and responding, we would yield

Alert to every fibre, your caress would reach our soul

Revealing truth and life till now concealed

The love within our hearts would swell to meet the Love in yours

Inflated, leaving room for nothing less

Our every cell and sinew would vibrate with boundless joy

To blend sublime with Heaven’s tenderness

Suffuse us, overcome us, overwhelm our fragile minds

Remove our base attachment to life’s glamour

And, breath by breath, we’ll take each step to reach the waiting peace

The blessing that awaits beyond Earth’s clamour

The Membrane

And all their life, had they but known

It brushed ‘gainst cheek and chin

An elbow could have rent a tear

To plunge each one within

But as they moved, it moved with them

Unseen and unperceived

Existing on the distaff side

So few of them believed

Yet, when their lives’ absurdities

Reduced them to their knees

They longed to know the other side

Sought out with tears and pleas

An inner voice had whispered

Of a greater life beyond

Which they’d believed were fairy tales

Vague hopes benign and fond

When, all along, within a breath

If they’d but understand

The membrane could be breeched to show

The Heaven close at hand