Food Wars

They say we should live longer

As if we have a choice

This week it’s carrots, last week kale

O let us all rejoice

They’re recommending broccoli

It’s better for the heart

Or was it wine and chocolate?

I’d better make a start

A diet rich and alkaline

Is sure to cure my cough

So, cheese, and peas, and savouries

Or good old chicken broth

But then, the Mediterraneans

Live longest, so they say

Or maybe it’s the Japanese

A war is on its way!

Dolmio or wasabi?

A sushi/pasta bake?

Farfalle tepanyaki?

Sliced puffer fish or hake?

A venerable Japanese

May trounce an aged Gino

But, key to their longevity

The sake or the Fino?

Hey, maybe I’ll just dress the part

The diets are a no no

I’m taking to my futon

In my Armani kimono

Peacock Lives


Peacock lives we seek to create

Our inner compulsion innate

A search for significance we can’t control

The urge to improve on our fate


We seek jewelled feathers, replacements for dun

Sidelong in the mirror we glance

We yearn to look elegant (outward at least)

Move graceful in humankind’s dance


No charm in our brown and beige can we discern

No sparkle, no glamour, no sheen

We move surreptitiously, noticed by none

No presence, dull plumage to preen


Yet, light on our café au lait would reveal

The riches of mocha and cream

Atonal complexity, ours if we knew,

Already the birds of our dream

Sky & Earth

The sky is but a mirage to the awestruck eyes on earth

As any airborne traveller will know

Up there, our dome disintegrates and merges into space

Unconscious of its given role below


Above the cloud, dense grey becomes a snowfield fierce and white

Or sometimes pure azure that’s streaked and kissed

As dark descends, a liquid gold will drape around our sphere

A landscape cloaked and shrouded in night’s mist


Our world spins on eternally, its cycle to complete

And peace suspends the trusting souls in sleep

Until dawn’s finger lifts the slumb’ring blanket at its edge

And once again day’s light and intrigues creep


The shifting sky our only clue to this diurnal round

Mute witness to our joys and our distresses

But, hauled aloft, we understand the truth of what earth is

A shining jewel safe in the Hand that blesses

The Will

We must resist the will of men

And do the will of God

Becoming all that he delights to make us

We must pursue the paths and ways

That make the Maker smile

Committed to His roads, where ‘ere they take us


We must rise up each day to seek

A compass point that’s true

Determined a straight bearing we will find

Our tuning fork must settle on

A note that’s pure and whole

Before we can be sure in heart and mind


The things we seek inside

Can oft in others resonate

The harmony of souls our greatest gift

Our spirit helps us register

And recognise the truth

And when we’re well-aligned our senses lift


At birth, our inner tracker

Has its programme set for home

Though life, with all its detours may defeat us

But we can try as many times

To reach the honest path

And trust the One who’s waiting there to greet us

Door Handles

Theirs is a pairing solid

Though never face to face

They move in perfect harmony

An act of secret grace

Their days are spent in concert

An unseen union

When pressure forces one to bow

The other moves along


The solid bolt that binds them

Secures them, heart to heart

Communicates all actions

Ensures they’ll never part

And though their veiled performance

Completes a blind duet

Unknowingly their unity

Will open Heaven’s gate

Regret’s Lost Sting

How powerfully a naked breast

Could once inflame desire

Yet time disarms the senses’ pull

And dampens ardour’s fire

How poignantly a music chord

Reminds us of past love

And brief, projects a younger self

From memory’s treasure trove

How happy seem our former selves

Denied the need to ponder

The task of life, today’s great goal

No broken paths to wander

Ah, age, with all its questions weighs

The past’s simplicities

Forgetting all the grace required

To learn such truths as these


Don’t scrabble after fame’s delights

With all its bluff and bluster

Your anonymity secures protection from its hell

Just play the part you’re given

With all the love that you can muster

And when you’ve poured your bucket out, plumb deeper in your well


The gaudy lights can dazzle but

They represent a truckload

Of nausea and trouble as their twinkle becomes bile

We may look on with envy

At those sprayed with fairy sparkle

But emptiness and surfeit’s splash illuminate each smile


You can’t dip in and then opt out

The call of fame will claim you

Your soul becomes addicted to the praise and glory trail

The need for adulation

Overwrites a sane existence

Then no-one can persuade you that without it you won’t fail


But putting on the lens cap

And shutting down the shutters

Can stabilize the world and re-inject reality

A person isn’t ever who

The world would have them act out

Alone with just yourself and God, you’ll find who you should be


You think you know what life’s about

Which paths to gladness lead

The scene, blurred edges, indistinct

Unrolls as hours succeed

Your inner tracking sure to choose

The choice that brings your best

A magnet placing steps secure

To disregard the rest

A jigsaw box lid, out of view

Will paint your life serene

Your task, to place the pieces well

Your Guide, a hand unseen

At times this knowledge, deep within

Cocoons you like a friend

The best of you, just out of reach

Awaits at journey’s end

The Old Pair

Old slippers, comfortable, shuffling along
Each on the opposite foot
Joined in significance, mirrored, secure
Twined at invisible root

Idling in darkness or warm by the fire
Matching in looks and direction
Seeming the same but with different slant
Seeking a rhythmic perfection

Never more blissful than laid side by side
Though they oft pass unrequited
Paired for a purpose they just have to trust
Theirs is a journey united


Honey coloured frosted fields

Where elongated fingers

Of pasty shadow trees reach out

From roots where night time lingers

Morning dawns resplendent 

Lifting mind from nocturne’s maw

With promise of a springtime 

To defrost earth’s frigid core

The seeping hope of warmer days

Permits a spirit dream

Of strolling, skin to sun exposed

And eye washed by the gleam


Though winter’s hours may chafe and drag

Inciting hibernation

A crystal day unlocks our souls

Released to new elation