Drake and Bear – Dachshunds of Daring

Drake and Bear Wreak Havoc

‘Stop that, Bear! You’ll topple it!’ Drake shivered nervously under the garden table as his determined companion stretched his lean

sausage body up the newly-delivered planter. Bear seemed impervious to the swaying blossoms, his excited gaze fixed firmly on

the plastic pompom dangling from an elegant gift tag.

‘Nearly got it!’ he grinned, wriggling his tiny back legs into an almost impossible position.

‘Come and give me a paw, Drake. It’ll be great fun if we can just get our teeth into it!’

‘Oooohh!’ moaned Drake, as the carefully potted planter leaned beyond the point of no return.

Crash!! The whole blooming arrangement of primroses and daffs spattered across the beautifully tiled patio.

‘Got it!’ Bear looked triumphant, the plastic ornament wedged firmly in his grinning jaws. ‘Wanna play?’

He rollicked onto the lawn, fighting an imaginary enemy while vigorously shaking the pompom left to right. ‘Grrrrr!’ he play-fought, ‘Come on, Drake. You know you want to!’

Drake edged reluctantly round the piles of earth and broken plants, tutting and moaning, and then his puppy side suddenly kicked in.

‘Give it to me!’ he yelped, sinking his teeth into the soft plastic. ‘Nah! It’s mine!’ Bear barked back, and a furious tug of war ensued.

‘Oi!’ yelled a voice from the kitchen. ‘What do you two think you are playing at?’

The pups halted their tussling, looking guilty and sheepish all at once. Drake automatically hunched down into his ‘it wasn’t me’

pose, while Bear toughed it out with a nonchalant air.

The Master crossed the soil-strewn patio in three quick strides and grabbed both pups by their collars.

‘No!’ he yelled, pointing to the fallen planter. ‘You do not destroy the plants!’ His usually kind face held a menacing look and both

daxies looked at him intently, trying their best to look penitent.

They hung their heads silently, while the Master put their leads on, attaching them securely to the outside tap.

‘You can just wait there till I tidy up this mess!’ he glared. ‘And no treats for either of you today.’ Drake whimpered, lowering his

bushy eyebrows to glare at his mischievous sidekick.

‘You’ve gone and done it again, Bear. That’s the last time I let you drag me into one of your dog-brained schemes!’

Bear just grinned.

‘Scaredy cat!’ he smirked. ‘You know they won’t stay angry for long.’

‘Wait till Mistress gets back. All will be forgiven, you’ll see.’

The Tree that caught the Moon

Her blackened branches cradled there

A lustrous gift beyond compare

Spread, wide, yet undeserving, she

Upheld the night sky’s deity

An orb immense, whose borrowed light

Suffused the tree with pure delight

Though leaf and bud had left her frame

This honour magnified her name

Her royal crown and steadfast bole

Well-suited to a starring role

As tall she stood, and proud and fine

The expertise of her design

Enveloped Heaven’s spectral sphere

Her exclusivity now clear

She swayed and smirked at trees around

Convinced she stood on hallowed ground

But ere her branches stooped to bow

A darkened shadow kissed her brow

Her love departed all too soon

As she, bereft, let slip the moon

The Pause

The button pressed, the breath inhaled

The music silenced, soundless

The players in their tiny space

When once their lives were boundless

New rules began to take on form

And slowly they’d be tested

The tenets of their former faith

No more on concrete rested

As eyes and hearts now locked in fear

More questions formed than answers

The certainty was some would fall

While others would be dancers

But Oh! How long? And why? And how?

Their restlessness would harm them

Until a stillness absolute

Could pacify and charm them

If hell was in a life on pause

Then Heaven flourished too

With time to re-evaluate

The good that man can do


In my mind and heart I am an adventuress

Chained to a rock in silent helplessness

Raised for a moment in surging wave

Lifted high with the power to save

Freedom I glimpse, and desire to dance

Leaping and breathless in happenstance

Weightless until with a sudden yank

Links in the chain slipped and down I sank

Yet, in the mud, the murk, the mire

Still burns the ember of my desire


If all my muddled ways unravelled

And lay spread out beneath your feet

If all the tangled paths I’ve travelled

Were etched out plainly on my balance sheet

If all my thoughts of joy and sadness

Were in one vessel gathered up

And all my words of spite and kindness

Filled one enormous paper cup

Would I amount to point and purpose?

Would I a gift to mankind be?

Was I, despite my faults, a blessing?

Was mine a life of quality?

O, knit the threads to shape the shapeless

And point all roads to Destiny

Then sift the thoughts and words to filter

Goodness from the depths of me



I can reach you in swift time
Past millennia, past star paths, past space
I can draw you with words sublime
Yet not capture your beautiful face
I can hold you with sweet rhyme
Without breaking apart our embrace
I can touch you with tender mime
Yet never your symmetry trace


You entered our landscape of suffering and suffered yourself for our sake
You knew we were addicts recovering and trapped by our every mistake
Our grief over goodness distorted would daily unsettle our souls
And though we found routes to oblivion
We constantly questioned our roles
Our planet breathtaking and awesome
With wonders we can’t comprehend
Yet daily humanity spoils it
Its sickness and sin without end
Our peace we ourselves cannot furnish
No power have we to put right
We can only welcome our Saviour
Acknowledging His is the fight


Every day the sheep get up

And ruminate some more

Today it’s rain, the next day sun

But always grass galore

It’s grass for breakfast, lunch and tea

And grass for in between

How do they keep their coats so white

When all they eat is green?