New e-Books published

For those of you who like my quirky musings, there are now three books available on Amazon Kindle and Smashwords. Enjoy!

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That our days are not smooth and untroubled

Is our greatest anxiety yet

We gaze green at the gliding of others

Their prosperity we just don’t get

As we daily darn holes in our own cloth

With vexation, frustration and ire

We obsess over what we’re not learning

Why we can’t reach the peace we desire

We assume it’s a great competition

We must daily endeavour to win

Insecure, we must scrutinise others

To perceive where we’re failing within

If we only could grasp our uniqueness

Be convinced that we’re loved as we are

How much more would our souls find completeness

How much quicker we’d go, and how far

We’re created, we’re loved and we’re chosen

There’s a role for each one on this earth

Come with doubts, come with pain, come with failure

It’s in Jesus you’ll find your self-worth

My Thanks

This is a big Thank You to all of you who kindly follow my blog. I really do appreciate it, knowing that my thoughts are not just randomly evaporating into the ether!

We bloggers are a funny bunch

Our inner lives spilled sprawling forth

Expressing weird unchanneled thoughts

In hope that others see their worth

Alleviating powerful press

Of feelings that we must express

And knowing that our angst is shared

Helps peace regain its shaky hold


God bless you all 🙂



The shrill thrill of the blackbird’s trill
And the chaffinch chatter cheers us
At the wrens lament our soul is sent
While the robin’s sob endears us
It jibs our craw when the jackdaws caw
Yet the pheasants plaint is pleasant
The pigeons coo is a right rum do
While the magpie drills incessant
The songs of birds are beyond our words
Yet our hearts can understand them
They pierce our souls with their folderols
And our spirits rise in tandem

Life Swap

A robin once, untroubled by life, sat

And pondered what it means to be a cat

To weave your days around the whims of men

Your food provided readily, but then

The price may be an unwanted embrace

And life dependent on that human’s grace

Instead of flitting freely on the wing

No master to determine when you sing

To choose the highest tree when you extol

The virtues of your days at no man’s call

And yet, the pampered tabby behind glass

Can languish in contentment as hours pass

For him the soft seduction of the knee

Is preferable at times to roaming free

And should he feel the urge at once to fly

A robin for his sport might satisfy

The Waterfall

When you stand in the thrall of the waterfall

Overwhelmed by its crashing power

When your cheeks feel the sting of its icy caress

And you don’t know the day or the hour

When your ears and your tongue are struck deaf and dumb

And you yearn to recall who you are

With your toes on the ledge, you peer over the edge

In the roar, in the roar

A Day

When the dawn-bringer brings the dawn

And golden cascades hang forlorn

A milky light translucent finds

A fractured chink in sleep-soaked minds

And heralds morning bright with prospects

Its full potential no-one suspects

Detours and dreams as yet concealed

That evening’s musings will unpeel

A day to live until its end

Wake up and breathe! It’s yours to spend

Eternal Skies

Curcay sunset
Sunset over beautiful Curcay sur Dive, France

I wrote this to the tune of ‘There is a Higher Throne’:

There is a time to come

When time will not be known


Will start again

Renewed and changed


Earth’s carpet will be rolled

And tales will not be told

How men of old

Had warred and toiled

Their planet spoiled


We cannot see it now

Imaginations low

But when it comes

Our hearts will know

Our knees will bow


Afresh our hopes will rise

No other man despise

Our days so filled

With shining eyes

Eternal skies

Meet Me

Will you meet me in the crashing waves

Loud against my heart

Will the roaring calm my anxious fears

Bidding them depart

Will you meet me in the rushing wind

Crisp against my skin

Will it penetrate my hidden thoughts

Stirring deep within

Will you meet me in the azure sky

Broken by no cloud

Will its vastness reassure me

Though my heart beats very loud

Will you meet me in the cries of birds

Wheeling high above

Will their freedom bring me fresh hope

And newborn faith in love?

If you’ll meet me then I’ll hold on

I won’t mind that you’re late

But please send a sign you’re on your way

So I’ll be strong to wait

Carol Plunkett