O Lord! Please help me, I’m tired today

My eyes feel so gritty and strained

I’m dreaming of sleep, though it’s hours away

And my only expression is pained


I need help to focus, to keep my mind fresh

In spite of this drowsy malaise

I know you can transport me out of this mess

Transforming my thoughts and my ways


I’m thankful to know that you’ll give me a chance

You trust that I’m good underneath

I need to be sure that Your Word can enhance

My small efforts and make me believe


So send me a sign that I’m still on the path

Rekindle new life and desire

So that I may serve You, whatever You ask

Not with flicker, but full, blazing fire

The Cherry Stone

This is one I wrote in 2011, but it reminds me as I go through Lent, that growth and change are what it’s all about x


I held in my hand a cherry stone

And dreamed of a tree that would bear me fruit

I planted it deep within the earth

And with sun and with rain it began to shoot


With tender stem it stretched up tall

And seemed to survive every wind and gale

Though bowed at times it soon sprang back

Belying the strength of that reed so frail


Spring bud and leaf followed winter’s chill

And added to height came a thickening girth

With browning bark came a steely resolve

And a surer grip spreading deep in the earth


As seasons passed and its shape emerged

New beauty and splendour were plain to see

Its sight gave no hint of the cherry stone

As it grew and bloomed to maturity


And now it stands as a message proud

With each year of its growth held within its bark

Being everything it was designed to be

When it first was concealed in that stone so dark

Mirror Man

He came and held a mirror up

To every man he met

And some could bear His gaze

While others harboured deep regret

For some, their true self thus revealed

Brought sorrow and remorse

For others, dark resentment

And refusal to change course

What Saviour this? They cried aloud

To make us feel such shame?

We thought we’d all be pardoned

But we only feel harsh blame

For those regretful sinners

Who bore what He’d revealed

There came a heartfelt giving up

Of sicknesses concealed

O come! they cried, to angry friends

You cannot want to keep

The sins the Saviours light exposed

That you’ve submerged so deep?

That blackness of the spirit

Those mean and spiteful thoughts

Need grace and understanding

Not your bitter, sharp retorts

Lay down your long felt anger

And shed your toughened skin

And He will lead your heart to peace

And start new life within

What are we?

Our lives are determined by what we believe

On what the Earth’s outcome will be

Some random disaster exploding in space?

Or turning towards Destiny?


With perfect precision each day, month and year

Unfold to an unseen Design

And Man lives his days out in love, hate and fear

Not sure what his work will define


So what of this habitat, perfect for man?

This crust wrapped around molten core

Was this formed by happenstance, purposelessly?

Or does its existence mean more?


Our lives are determined by what we believe

Who cares if our impact is bad?

Will we leave this world in a happier state?

Or will our life’s imprint be sad?

Lent Plea

Sometimes I turn my eyes to see you

But my mind is elsewhere

Sometimes I turn my head to listen

But I’m only half there

Sometimes I turn my hands to help

But my heart is not engaged

Sometimes I turn my whole body

But my soul has left the page

Sometimes my spirit cries out

But my comfort is all I seek

Sometimes I use the right words

But platitudes are all I speak

Turn me, Lord, today I pray

Body, mind, heart and soul

Leaving not a speck behind

Till You have me full and whole

The Roses in the Bushes

A nondescript array of leaves

Prolonged the pavement’s edge

They jostled proud to form a green

Unprepossessing hedge

How many passed preoccupied

Or ambled blithely by

Unmindful of the treasure

Just beyond the thoughtless eye

The scent could pierce the nostrils

Inspiring memories past

Of sun-warmed rooms

Bathed rich with blooms

And days she thought would last

The opulence of petals

Full-blown and satin soft

Hung just beyond the boundary

For those who climbed aloft

And once the watcher’s eye was caught

No pillowed bed would do

She’d long to bathe in damask

Heaven-drenched her whole life through

A Land Beyond

Across the landscape of a moonlit sky

I walked, I journeyed in my mind’s eye

Eager to travel to a land beyond

Where cloud paths marked the way


The moon’s corolla cast a burnished glow

A bronze-flecked halo in terrain of snow

A flick’ring portal to a world beyond

Invisible by day


My footsteps left no trace within the mist

New vistas opened with each turn and twist

A swirling quickstep to a life beyond

Where unleashed spirits play


I’m sure that world will one day be revealed

With pathways know that are today concealed

And we will journey to a land beyond

And welcomed, gladly stay


The Cage of my own Making

The cage of my own making
Is impossible to find
It’s wider than the universe
Yet smaller than a hazel shell
And dwells deep in my mind

It grows through my milennia
Like oyster round a pearl
It has no edge to speak of
Yet bounds me more securely
It’s tendrils round me curl

It shapes my words and actions
My personality
And limits my achievements
Constrains my growth and goodness
So I am never free

I have no power to fight it
It owns me till I see
My true life being stolen
And reach for help to reclaim
The woman truly me


The window to the Universe

Enrobes a silent world

Engulfs the slumb’ring witnesses

While they in beds lie curled

Their blinded eyes unconscious

Of Heaven’s forward churn

Progressing to an end unknown

With no hope of return

Humanity may sleep awhile

Believing life on hold

But greater machinations

Still invisibly unfold


I can reach you in swift time
Past millennia, past star paths, past space
I can draw you with words sublime
Yet not capture your beautiful face
I can hold you with sweet rhyme
Without breaking apart our embrace
I can touch you with tender mime
Yet never your symmetry trace