Beginning to Middle

Part 4: Redemption



A baby born to save the Earth

Unlikely though the claim

Grew up to measure each man’s worth

But loved them just the same


A man who studied each one’s heart

With eyes to pierce the soul

Rejected none who stood apart

But gave each one a role


His light was fierce for some who saw

Not all could bear its glow

For thosewhose thoughts were mean and poor

They hoped he’d never know


But that was just the point, it seemed

Why into life He stepped

He came to touch the hearts He seeks

And help them to accept


Part 3: Man’s downfall

Surely not people?


You just could have stopped when You finished the apes, Lord

Why could You have needed to go one more stage?

You knew we would argue, be bitter and selfish

So why insert humans on History’s stage?


Imagine the peace of a Man-less existence

With animals living Utopia’s dream

They’d populate Earth in a natural manner

With no higher species to rule them supreme


And yet, You decided that man had some value

Completed Creation and made it all whole

In fact, in Your words, the Earth needed subduing

So You formed a Man for a management role


You hoped for relationship, worship and thanks, Lord

You’d fight our indiff’rence with Your constant love

You knew our capacity for self-destruction

Could only be calmed by a hand from above


So where are we now in the Cosmic Agenda?

With battles and evils of inhuman scale?

We fear to address what we’ve really become, Lord

How can You bear watching the ways that we fail?


No, really, what value do You think we’ve added?

We’ve killed and destroyed in a ravenous way

How can You continue to love without question?

When You see the pain we inflict every day?


You came once, it seems, with a plan for redemption

So Man had some help in his struggle to cope

We pray for the power of His efforts to save us

For while He fights for us, cares for us, there’s hope


Part 2: Continuing my theme this week of what we’re about, here is my take on Adam and Eve:

The Garden

He had no childhood memories

For formed as a man was he

And he and his wife

Began all human life

And their actions changed history


They lived long, we’re told, in banishment

Worked the land and toiled for food

But we’re yearning to learn

Did their hearts still return

To that garden, where all was good?


Their act of will left them free to choose

Made them slaves of their own desires

But it brought them great pain

And outside God’s domain

They lived closer to Satan’s fires


So all through their seven hundred years

Did they harbour some deep regrets?

Did they relive that day?

Wish their choices away?

Seek forgiveness for Mankind’s debts?


We cannot know of their inner thoughts

But they had many years to reflect

Would they counsel today

Not to choose our own way

But to give God our hearts’ respect?


As their children grew and they peopled the Earth

Did they dearly desire God’s pardon?

Did they yearn for the love

They’d once known from above

When they walked in that shady Garden?


If, like me you wonder about our world and our place in it, you may like this week’s poems. I’ll start at the Beginning:

Above the Earth
Above the Earth

Part 1:


It happened many years ago

In a dark and shapeless void

When a Hand of Power formed a precious world

A treasure to be enjoyed


Not only with intricate delicacy

Did He fashion this gift He made

But He formed a wondrous Universe

Where His treasure could be displayed


And as a Master Craftsman will

He added delightful gems

Of mountain vistas, trees and seas

Exquisite diadems


He added creatures small and vast

As living counterparts

But longed to share Creation’s dream

With God-filled, human hearts


At first the man He made was true

His woman made things whole

They roamed His Garden safe and blessed

Till into sin they stole


They were encouraged, this is true

From one whose heart was bad

And turning them was his desire

To make the Maker sad


And so with heavy, grieving heart

He turned them to the world

Not full-abandoned, yet exiled

And Satan downward hurled


The story could have ended there

But God still loved His man

And while they battled bitter lives

He formed a rescue plan…



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