The Dragon King

One eager morn, at piercing dawn, I rose to meet the day

At turn of eight, my garden gate, ajar did show the way

With tripping step and happy skip along the lane did stray

And thoughts of birds and butterflies across my mind did play

A warming field, my senses thrilled, did beckon me to rest

A bobbing wren disturbed but then, flit furtive to its nest

On playful bank I gladly sank, ‘twould suit a princess best

To wait for birds and butterflies that on her mind were pressed

I must have dozed, for quick I rose at sounds alive nearby

A sparkling whirr of gossamer did dart and catch my eye

On cowslip lip and harebell tip touched down a dragonfly

And dreams of birds and butterflies were gone from my mind’s eye

Majestic ran his shimmering span, he swooped and dipped with glee

O glorious King, my heart did sing, I wished he’d notice me

His airborne flight, arresting sight, his wing-beat strong and free

And hopes of birds and butterflies no longer troubled me

I lay back still and calmed my will, determinedly to wait

Till on the nearby canopy his wing-beat did abate

Then rising, flew for pastures new, perhaps to seek a mate

And even birds and butterflies could no more compensate

But then, a thrill! For good or ill my closed eyes felt his touch

And moving not, though rising hot, I yearned to see so much

His wings unfurled, slim foreleg curled and traced my lip with such

No more did birds and butterflies engage me overmuch

My eyes did squint for just a hint of this King’s majesty

My bated breath could be the death of this strange fantasy

A tiny puff could blow him off and he’d soon forget me

And even birds and butterflies could never comfort me

At last I saw, and wanted more, his gleaming wings displayed

Across my face a fan they’d trace like shimmering robes arrayed

And I was crowned, a Princess drowned diaphanous in lace

And no more birds and butterflies could ever take his place


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