God on our doorstep

It isn’t in the far-flung haunts

That we must find delight

The treasures of an unseen world

Just there beyond our sight

The mountains, lakes and waterfalls

A plane journey away

Could lead us on an endless dance

If to them we might stray

The pleasures of exotic food

The lure of tribal beauty

Could mesmerise and call our name

Erasing thoughts and duty

While daily we might work and serve

Performing humdrum tasks

We dream of life beyond our doors

Where hedonism basks

But, O, a smile can stir our hearts

And contentment surprise us

When, in a flash, the veil draws back

We see what God supplies us

Our family’s love and constancy

True friends that understand

And days of grace, and growth, and strength

As we’re shaped by His hand


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