I’m re-posting this one from 2014, inspired by Mitch Teemley’s post today 🙂


Like Houdini wrestling frantically in chains

The creature flicked and struggled in its casing

Just yesterday it crawled along the ground

Oblivious to the change it would be facing


Its life had been to eat and move and grow

A mundane player in an earth-bound circus

Its passage was deliberate and slow

Untroubled by the need for greater purpose


But then, when it had seeming reached its peak

Its outer self, once supple, became rigid

It found itself enrobed in darker shell

Its inner core less gentle and more frigid


Alas, it felt its carefree days were done

And settled to await its final resting

It strained a little, fought with one last gasp

Unwilling to accept this unfair testing


Then, as it pressed, a freedom broke the case

And wings diaphanous burst forth

And what had been a worm that crawled the ground

Now hovered, like a jewel, above the Earth


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