Mirror Man

He came and held a mirror up

To every man he met

And some could bear His gaze

While others harboured deep regret

For some, their true self thus revealed

Brought sorrow and remorse

For others, dark resentment

And refusal to change course

What Saviour this? They cried aloud

To make us feel such shame?

We thought we’d all be pardoned

But we only feel harsh blame

For those regretful sinners

Who bore what He’d revealed

There came a heartfelt giving up

Of sicknesses concealed

O come! they cried, to angry friends

You cannot want to keep

The sins the Saviours light exposed

That you’ve submerged so deep?

That blackness of the spirit

Those mean and spiteful thoughts

Need grace and understanding

Not your bitter, sharp retorts

Lay down your long felt anger

And shed your toughened skin

And He will lead your heart to peace

And start new life within


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