Food Wars

They say we should live longer

As if we have a choice

This week it’s carrots, last week kale

O let us all rejoice

They’re recommending broccoli

It’s better for the heart

Or was it wine and chocolate?

I’d better make a start

A diet rich and alkaline

Is sure to cure my cough

So, cheese, and peas, and savouries

Or good old chicken broth

But then, the Mediterraneans

Live longest, so they say

Or maybe it’s the Japanese

A war is on its way!

Dolmio or wasabi?

A sushi/pasta bake?

Farfalle tepanyaki?

Sliced puffer fish or hake?

A venerable Japanese

May trounce an aged Gino

But, key to their longevity

The sake or the Fino?

Hey, maybe I’ll just dress the part

The diets are a no no

I’m taking to my futon

In my Armani kimono


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