The Will

We must resist the will of men

And do the will of God

Becoming all that he delights to make us

We must pursue the paths and ways

That make the Maker smile

Committed to His roads, where ‘ere they take us


We must rise up each day to seek

A compass point that’s true

Determined a straight bearing we will find

Our tuning fork must settle on

A note that’s pure and whole

Before we can be sure in heart and mind


The things we seek inside

Can oft in others resonate

The harmony of souls our greatest gift

Our spirit helps us register

And recognise the truth

And when we’re well-aligned our senses lift


At birth, our inner tracker

Has its programme set for home

Though life, with all its detours may defeat us

But we can try as many times

To reach the honest path

And trust the One who’s waiting there to greet us


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