Sky & Earth

The sky is but a mirage to the awestruck eyes on earth

As any airborne traveller will know

Up there, our dome disintegrates and merges into space

Unconscious of its given role below


Above the cloud, dense grey becomes a snowfield fierce and white

Or sometimes pure azure that’s streaked and kissed

As dark descends, a liquid gold will drape around our sphere

A landscape cloaked and shrouded in night’s mist


Our world spins on eternally, its cycle to complete

And peace suspends the trusting souls in sleep

Until dawn’s finger lifts the slumb’ring blanket at its edge

And once again day’s light and intrigues creep


The shifting sky our only clue to this diurnal round

Mute witness to our joys and our distresses

But, hauled aloft, we understand the truth of what earth is

A shining jewel safe in the Hand that blesses


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