Don’t scrabble after fame’s delights

With all its bluff and bluster

Your anonymity secures protection from its hell

Just play the part you’re given

With all the love that you can muster

And when you’ve poured your bucket out, plumb deeper in your well


The gaudy lights can dazzle but

They represent a truckload

Of nausea and trouble as their twinkle becomes bile

We may look on with envy

At those sprayed with fairy sparkle

But emptiness and surfeit’s splash illuminate each smile


You can’t dip in and then opt out

The call of fame will claim you

Your soul becomes addicted to the praise and glory trail

The need for adulation

Overwrites a sane existence

Then no-one can persuade you that without it you won’t fail


But putting on the lens cap

And shutting down the shutters

Can stabilize the world and re-inject reality

A person isn’t ever who

The world would have them act out

Alone with just yourself and God, you’ll find who you should be


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