In the doorway of my desires I stand and gaze

Upon the girl I was in bygone days

The easy smile, the laugh-filled lilt

The life devoid of life’s defeat or guilt

The soft inflection and the trusting eye

The confidence that dreams would not pass by

Happy assurance that the world was good

No counting moments, not misunderstood

Ah, deceptive film-show of a rose-hued past

A bright veneer that glossed a troubled cast

Oh how a trick of light can dull today

Projecting rainbows through our past’s doorway

Imparting memories with a carefree shine

Painting successes on a life not mine

And there could trap you in self-pity’s net

A place of unfulfilment, sharp regret

I close the door, inhale, and greet today

Its magic waiting, real, contentment’s way


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