I’m sure Heaven (1)

I’m sure Heaven won’t be just beautiful meandering walks along a sunny riverbank; fish glistening in tranquil water; kingfishers darting in an iridescent whirr, but not to fish.

Where, as we walk, warm breezes stir up butterflies in various hues to dance around our cheeks and the scents of buttercups and elderflower lift our senses.

Where time is not a minute, hour or day, just a long, gentle ramble, until we sink elated onto a cowslip covered bank to bask in a sun drenched moment.

Where cows graze contentedly as the spring lambs gambol, their lives an endless frolic in a dappled field.

Where the nooks and crannies of a dry stone wall provide nesting places for stonechat and wheatear; their smooth, speckled eggs nestled safely in moss-lined caskets.

Where silvered leaves shimmer and rustle in a gentle crescendo of joy and praise, stirred only by the thrill of being.

Where the land seems to pulse with life and possibility, sending waves of love and strength through every creature walking upon it.

But maybe in part………


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