This is not one of mine, I’m sad to say. But is written by my vicar and was so beautiful I just wanted to share it.
Happy Christmas to you all
I stand by chilly night and gaze on high
As, riding through the clouds, full Moon appears.
How strange to think that countless moons ago
My ancestors gazed too. I wonder did they feel
Sweet pain of longing, as this queen of old
Cast limpid beams upon a world now cold?
Night’s shades surround me. Gone is now the sun,
Gone from my eyes. Maybe there is no sun?
Then how does some dead rock above my head
Shine out with dazzling silver solemn prayer,
Reflecting fire that kindled not in her,
The mirror of a so, so greater light?
I may not see his rays, but she doth see,
And what she sees, will someday shine on me
You children of the living Lord of light,
Take time to contemplate your blazing King.
Drink of his fire while he is drawing near,
Embrace his warmth while yet he may be found,
That those you love, from whom he now seems hid,
That those you love, on whom dark shadows hang,
May look on you, your life, your eyes, your love
(which kindled in his heart before you were),
And hope once more, and know it is no dream
That God’s dear Son shall one day rise on them.
© Julian T Williams (15/10/16)

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