That our days are not smooth and untroubled

Is our greatest anxiety yet

We gaze green at the gliding of others

Their prosperity we just don’t get

As we daily darn holes in our own cloth

With vexation, frustration and ire

We obsess over what we’re not learning

Why we can’t reach the peace we desire

We assume it’s a great competition

We must daily endeavour to win

Insecure, we must scrutinise others

To perceive where we’re failing within

If we only could grasp our uniqueness

Be convinced that we’re loved as we are

How much more would our souls find completeness

How much quicker we’d go, and how far

We’re created, we’re loved and we’re chosen

There’s a role for each one on this earth

Come with doubts, come with pain, come with failure

It’s in Jesus you’ll find your self-worth


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