The Charabanc

We’d all like to ride on the charabanc of life

On a mystery tour known only to the Driver

Our baskets packed with champagne, with fragrant pies and cake

A day of perfect freedom for a fiver


To jostle and to jest without a care, without a thought

No past, no future, living for the present

Packed in with friends and loved ones who’ve suspended life as well

No hint of things distasteful or unpleasant


The journey will be filled with heightened camaraderie

With songs and smiles, delight at all we’re passing

The sun bright and warm, kissing hair and cheek and skin

Our hearts swelled with love that we’re amassing


The stops will be brief, at some place of interest

But swiftly we’ll re-board and keep on rolling

Our minds fixed and sure on our secret rendezvous

The praise of our Driver’s skill extolling


And then, round a bend, chinks of heaven come in view

We’re all struck with awe, a hush descending

As hand clasps warm hand, souls a-bursting unrestrained

We’ll gaze out at wonders never-ending


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