Reality Check

A cloud and harp life was what I expected
My rear perched securely and soft
My eyes vaguely fixed on the distant horizon
While thoughts wandered gently aloft


Encountering others in pleasing discourses 
Would only embellish my time
No whiff of unpleasantness ever would enter
My bubble existence sublime


From silver to golden my days would develop
With no base or leaden detail
Delight would determine my joy- sodden outlook
No hint or suspicion I’d fail


But somehow my fingers got caught in the harpstrings
The tune was discordant and flat
The cloud became damp and my rear spread enormous
My thoughts dangled heavy and fat


But friends and encounters continued to bless me
And all was not tragic or lost
My clumsy ineptitude didn’t define me
And diamonds emerged from the dross


Tis people, not clouds, that give life its meaning

Their love brings horizons of gold

And distant harp music’s no match for a kind word

That warms when your dreams have gone cold


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