Life is a search for significance
We find, when we stop to consider
Do we pour out our lives in service and love
Or perform for the highest bidder?
The other man’s gifts seem more preferable to ours
And it’s clear what he’s about
So we plod through our tasks with uncertainty
Our own purposes in doubt
A presence online may alleviate
Tiny fears that we’ll never be heard
These fears guarantee we won’t deviate
From the well-chosen, time honoured word
So what can we say that makes sense of us?
What can we do that ensures
We choose the path that was meant for us
We play the part that endures?
First, we acknowledge we’re meant to be
Not just a random event
Then we seek out what we’re sent to be
What was our Maker’s intent?


Only in daily relationship
Can we discover our worth
So we don’t waste hours in vain pursuit
Focussed instead on God’s love


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