For Julie

Sometimes we want to live to our fingertips

Not knowing the day or the time

Where our senses all throng down adventure’s path

With each atom abuzz and sublime

Where the drab and the dull have no place in us

Where fulfilment of all we could be

Is a thing taking shape and in easy reach

Not embalmed in mundanity

Oh Julie, your dreams are like feathers that fly

May they fly, take full wing, and endure

May they not puddle down in reality’s sludge

Keep them soaring, unlimited, pure

But don’t hurt what you loved once for freedom’s sake

Don’t destroy all the milk for the cream

For what’s wholesome and dull may be nourishing too

Though it lends not a spark to your dream

To stay may be hard, may be achingly sad

May enclose like a brittling shroud

But love’s time can renew, can reward in ways

That affirm you and make you feel proud

Ah, wait! Though it pains, though it chafes and burns

Put your trust where it yields greatest good

There’s a hope in a dead life revitalised

Forging gold out of fantasy’s wood






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