Will you come look with me at our constellations?

Though seemingly random, they’re not

With pinprick precision, a place was determined

For every star-speck and dot

The belt of Orion hangs there with its scabbard

And Casseopeia shines bright

The Bears, large and small, hold the gaze of us all

As we yearn to decipher the night

The Plough and the Pleiades gently parade

And at times we are shown a display

With wonder a comet elicits a gasp

At the marvels unnoticed by day

Aquarius, Leo, the Twins and the Archer

Must surely determine our fate?

Bereft, we entreat them for guidance or answer

To help us before it’s too late

These silent observers, unchanging but watching

For eons they’ve shone while we’ve slept

What, knowledge, what portents, what mysteries they shelter

As mutely, Life’s secrets they’ve kept


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