It happened many years ago

In a dark and shapeless void

When a Hand of Power formed a precious world

A treasure to be enjoyed


Not only with intricate delicacy

Did He fashion this gift He made

But He formed a wondrous Universe

Where His treasure could be displayed


And as a Master Craftsman will

He added delightful gems

Of mountain vistas, trees and seas

Exquisite diadems


He added creatures small and vast

As living counterparts

But longed to share Creation’s dream

With God-filled, human hearts


At first the man He made was true

His woman made things whole

They roamed His Garden safe and blessed

Till into sin they stole


They were encouraged, this is true

From one whose heart was bad

And turning them was his desire

To make the Maker sad


And so with heavy, grieving heart

He turned them to the world

Not full-abandoned, yet exiled

And Satan downward hurled


The story could have ended there

But God still loved His man

And while they battled bitter lives

He formed a rescue plan…


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