And Did Daisies Bloom?

And did daisies bloom in February

When I grew to be a lass?

When Slade were eternal Number 1

And the Pickets flew in en masse

When the robins rocked with the Jackson 5

And Michael was sure of himself

When a girl’s greatest dread was that Donnie would wed

And she’d finish her life on the shelf

And did Ziggy really play guitar

With his lizard-like, androgyne hands?

Did Bolan’s hair explode with frogs

As he rode a white swan through the lands?

Did I care to watch flowers in the rain

Or were lilies pink in the past?

Or did I dance fleet on my tiger feet

Unaware that these days wouldn’t last?

Ah, did daisies bloom in February,

And would I have cared if they had?

My life was a whirl of Chelsea Girl

And there just wasn’t time to be sad


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