The Squidgible Dirigible

It loomed like soot in the noonday sky

Obliterating clouds

Dimensions huge to the naked eye

And drawing anxious crowds


But suddenly a shiver of sweets

Cascaded into laps

And tiny fingers grasped at treats

As the great beast opened its flaps


A band played high up in the craft

Festivity thronged the air

And down on the ground the children laughed

And danced on their way to the fair


The sounds and sights filled up their hearts

Their workaday lives forgot

As the blimp drew them on to happier parts

And they no longer feared the blot


Then through a gate the happy crowd surged

Unaware of the sudden hush

When on top of them all a black net splurged

And their limbs were caught in the crush


Higher and higher they struggled and tore

Terror striking each trusting soul

As the great rubber beast spread its blackened maw

Drawing all through its fearsome hole


A tangle of training shoes, hoodies and jeans

Disappeared from the parents’ sight

And soon a bleak silence dappled the scene

Emphasising the awesome plight


With a whirr and a grunt the vast ship lurched on

With no trace of its heinous act

Having swiftly devoured every daughter and son

Leaving none knowing how to react


For a year and a day every parent returned

And their tearful entreaties cried

In the hope, thus far vain, for the sight they still yearned

Of the craft with their treasure inside


And what of the children long disappeared?

Just what did their lives become?

Well on midsummer’s eve, sometimes laughter is heard

In a happier land, say some


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