Polliver Plum (for Poppi)

Polliver Plum picked up bubble gum

And with it he wove a spell

Creating a dome each child could call home

Inside where the world was well


He travelled the land with singers and band

Attracting both girls and boys

He beckoned them in, gave each one a spin

In globes filled with treasures and toys


When Polliver called the young were enthralled

Delight swelled their infant hearts

Each dome that he blew promised wonders anew

And journeys to marvellous parts


Soon pastures and dales became dome-filled vales

And giggles and squeals rang wide

Domes danced and domes ran, some collided and span

With their precious ones cradled inside


No adult could come, for their lives were undone

So Polliver gathered the seed

With small lives unspoiled all evil was foiled

And the future was splendid indeed


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