The Beauty of my Heart

An icy hand controlled my heart

And kept it weak and lame

Preventing it from beating strong

With cords of guilt and shame

Each day its poison filtered round

Encouraging decay

To suppurate potential sores

That leaked a grim dismay

Its power grew with passing years

Inertia overcame

My many frail attempts to fight

When outcomes stayed the same

And so in twilight I lived on

In partial life engaging

With shallow breath I edged through days

The inner battle raging

But then, the truth, so long concealed

The hand was mine to move!

Its grip was an illusion

I was trapped in evil’s groove

The chains I thought unbreakable

Were wrought of smoke and mist

Their clenching was my gut’s response

When I with grief was kissed

In truth, I nursed and stoked their fires

Instead of patiently

Awaiting good to be revealed

As love surrounded me

The battle for my happiness

Is one I rose to fight

I recognise its power now

And struggle for the light

Because I failed to understand

Deception at the start

I almost sacrificed to Pain

The beauty of my heart


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