On a long car journey, I recently had cause to remember all the free gifts that made my childhood so happy:

Remember me roly-polying down a steep grassy bank?

Remember me lying in sun-warmed wheat, clouds of golden dust the only thing between me and a giant sky?

Remember me spinning dizzy, giddy, giggling before tumbling to the soft lawn?

Remember me tippy-toed pirouetting, scarves flying, weaving some magical ballet of my own imagining?

Remember me discovering nests in the nook of a wall, the treasured eggs speckled and smooth in my palm?

Remember me skipping along the pavement, bubbling with joy?

Remember me walking with my eyes close for as long as I dared, giggles frothing at my own ridiculousness?

Remember me turning my face to the sun, breathing deep and drinking in the warmth?

Remember me stepping into cloudland, exploring woolly white upside down landscapes that seemed to go on forever?


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