Struggling with the Saviour

Our concept of God, the Creator

Whose majesty Nature proclaims

Is seen in the everyday wonders

And favours each follower claims

The Spirit, more subtle confirming

His presence through answers to prayer

His loving but forceful direction

Transparent, but certainly there

Both for us, to guide and to mould us

To form and develop our gifts

Confirming to us our uniqueness

Yet challenging each one who drifts

But then came the Son, somehow like us

Who loved us, but not us alone

He asked us to live in communion

And promised for sin to atone

Although He’s a personal Saviour

Relating to us one to one

He wants us to love one another

Whatever the other has done

To live lives of sharing and giving

To demonstrate our love and trust

And not to horde Him for our purpose

Despite our desire to be first

He sees this in every agenda

But illustrates His better Way

Our choice is to follow or flounder

A chance offered new every day


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