Easy Street

I boarded the ship ‘Safe Passage’

For my journey to Easy Street

The sea was a tranquil millpond

The deck firm beneath my feet

So I shrugged off Trepidation

Feeling sure my cares were past

And I strolled the ship contented

With no thought it couldn’t last

I sought out my womb-like cabin

Which enrobed me like a shell

And my featherbed enticed me

I exulted in its spell

All at once the engines started

My excitement knew no bounds

My expectant heart dreamed onwards

Mesmerised by sights and sounds

Surely this was all I’d hoped for?

My reward and my delight

I had found the route to Fortune

I would relish my birth-right

All at once, we left the harbour

And at first the winds were fair

Tiny shudders rocked the bulkhead

But my mind was free of care

When a squall made steps unsteady

With a jolt I tumbled down

Even then with self-deception

And a smile I smoothed my frown

But the sea turned fierce and spiteful

Threw me up and shook my soul

Banged my head on things unyielding

Till my certainty it stole

Once again, I checked my ticket

Surely there was some mistake?

This was not the trip I signed for

Was the brochure one big fake?

Only then I saw the small print

Asterisked, and hard to read

This ship’s sailing for Disaster

If you don’t get up to speed

Better stomach for the journey

Is a thing that you’ll require

Heart that’s resolute, and courage

And a faith that won’t expire

Strength to face the darkest tempest

Perseverance though you’re beat

For eventful is the passage

On the way to Easy Street


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