I have discovered…

That trains we get on, to destinations we have decided upon

Don’t always take us there

That the imagined instruments of our happiness

Don’t always prove true or effective

That, equally, the banalities we so often despise in our lives

Often prove a refuge from an unstable world

That friendship offered without expectation

Can restore hope and strength

That the appearance of a situation

Is not always its reality

That the game is of a length

Unknowable to us

And it is impossible to discern

Just at what point we currently are in it

That to hope, and to persist

To refocus, to reinvest our fading energy

To trust against the evidence before our eyes

And to hold fast when there doesn’t seem to be much point

These are the strategies which,

When coupled with humble prayer to an eternally loving God

Give us all that we deeply need

To face another day


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