Brownsea: Part 2

Every single thing that delights my heart

Was laid before us there

A wooded isle, in castle style

We dined on richest fare

Alone we wandered Eden’s path

With sights and sounds to thrill us

Such treasured treats beyond our dreams

Did overwhelm and fill us

The rare red squirrel filled our lens

To our delight he brought his friends

Their frantic play would still us

And peacocks preened to make us smile

We marvelled at their jewelled style

Their dazzling stare could kill us

What bliss was found in sheltered cove

Uncov’ring Nature’s treasure trove

What Heaven resided there?

Away from Mankind’s get and gain

No hint of harm, or fear or pain

An Eden free of care

With every footstep that we trod

My thoughts would lift in praise of God

At each surprise bestowed

We wandered back with heart and soul

No longer crushed, but healed and whole

In awe of what was owed


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