Life’s Seasons

I have reached the end of my 30 day challenge to myself. I have enjoyed posting these blogs, and thanks to those who have read them. This is my last one for a while x

A crystal swathe of azure blue

Sharp cookie-cut by trees

Unbroken, save for swifting birds

Could bring me to my knees


An oak leaf curled against the frost

Defenceless at my feet

Its place of grace forever lost

Sure sign of life’s defeat


Face the autumn, feel the wind sting

See the bone trees standing by

Waiting, watching, strength turned inward

Stark against the wint’ring sky


All life then, marked within this scene

Of hibernation’s call

We can’t remain what we have been

Once passed through winter’s pall


We can but hunch and huddle by

Stripped bare of summer’s glow

And hope, with spring’s awakening cry

New shoots of green to grow


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