The Future Smells Bright?

We struggle to accept our faults

We strive to meet the ‘norm’

With fierce determination

We adjust our human form

But where does this originate,

This drive to modify

Is this primeval harking back

To days when we could fly?

We slithered from the sea, we’re told

Then crawled across the land

And then, it’s said, we took to flight

To form the human hand

Then next, earthbound, we crawled again

And finally we stood

And that was when the idea came

To do some things with wood

At first some simple tools sufficed

The stones were nice and pointy

Imagine then, a few years hence

When tables could be jointy!

We hunted, built and modified

Our land under construction

Amazed at what we could create

Since metal’s introduction

We toiled, our bodies honed and taut

We travelled near and far

But then we could go further

When we came up with the car

Alas, that was our downfall

As we sat to get about

And suddenly our slender waists

Proceeded to get stout

Next came a revolution in

Upholstered furniture

And entertainment in a box

The future became clear

Our fingers learned to do the work

Small movements made the change

Hand-held devices ruled the world

No limit to our range

And even better, now we have

No need to visit others

We have a small device to speak

To sisters, mothers, brothers

And so, as evolution must

Our bodies modify

To match up with our life’s demands

We have no need to fly

We need a giant finger

Larger butt and listening ear

But where will Grandad’s glasses hang

When noses disappear?


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