Acceptance is the hardest thing

For any human heart

We dig deep tunnels, run far off

And shun the toughest part

The mirrored face of God looks on

To offer candid truth

But we elect to self-protect

Demanding concrete proof

We want to know we’re loved without

The merest need for change

We want the world to turn  our way

Let others rearrange

And so we run, and dig , and hide

Until we reach our end

Sure in our hearts we’re everything

On which we can depend

We cover our inadequacy

With brave and coping faces

The world looks on and thinks we’re strong

Despite the flaky traces

But then when situations prove

Too difficult to swallow

We find our self-sufficient core

Inadequately hollow

It lacks the substance or the strength

To furnish greater power

To help us overcome

We need assistance hour by hour

So when we kneel or bow our heads

In penitent submission

We reach the source unlimited

Of wondrous grace provision

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