Beginning to Middle: Part 3

My musings on Creation continue…

Surely not people?

You just could have stopped when You finished the apes, Lord

Why could You have needed to go one more stage?

You knew we would argue, be bitter and selfish

So why insert humans on History’s stage?

Imagine the peace of a Man-less existence

With animals living Utopia’s dream

They’d populate Earth in a natural manner

With no higher species to rule them supreme

And yet, You decided that man had some value

Completed Creation and made it all whole

In fact, in Your words, the Earth needed subduing

So You formed a Man for a management role

You hoped for relationship, worship and thanks, Lord

You’d fight our indiff’rence with Your constant love

You knew our capacity for self-destruction

Could only be calmed by a hand from above

So where are we now in the Cosmic Agenda?

With battles and evils of inhuman scale?

We fear to address what we’ve really become, Lord

How can You bear watching the ways that we fail?

No, really, what value do You think we’ve added?

We’ve killed and destroyed in a ravenous way

How can You continue to love without question?

When You see the pain we inflict every day?

You came once, it seems, with a plan for redemption

So Man had some help in his struggle to cope

We pray for the power of His efforts to save us

For while He fights for us, cares for us, there’s hope


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