The Cherry Stone

I held in my hand a cherry stone

And dreamed of a tree that would bear me fruit

I planted it deep within the earth

And with sun and with rain it began to shoot

With tender stem it stretched up tall

And seemed to survive every wind and gale

Though bowed at times it soon sprang back

Belying the strength of that reed so frail

Spring bud and leaf followed winter’s chill

And added to height came a thickening girth

With browning bark came a steely resolve

And a surer grip spreading deep in the earth

As seasons passed and its shape emerged

New beauty and splendour were plain to see

Its sight gave no hint of the cherry stone

As it grew and bloomed to maturity

And now it stands as a message proud

With each year of its growth held within its bark

Being everything it was designed to be

When it first was concealed in that stone so dark


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