One night upon a midnight sky,

The Lord of Love I saw

He touched my heart as there I lay

And changed what went before.


He understood my fevered thoughts

And stilled them with a smile

He placed new thoughts within my heart

And said ‘You are my child’.


‘You may not hear me every day

But I won’t fail to call

At times you’ll feel me very near

And others, not at all.


My love is like the air you breathe

It’s constant, all around,

But just like air it can’t be seen

And doesn’t make a sound.


But you will feel its radiant warmth

You’ll know it, deep inside,

When others, who’ve accepted me,

Into your life collide.


So treat each person that you meet

As friends to be revealed

For now you know me, you might find

My love in them concealed.’


And what delights me most of all

Is seeing hearts of love

Embracing other caring hearts

And praising God above.’


Carol Plunkett

27 April 2006

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