Icelandic sunset
Icelandic sunset

Though a trillion coloured droplets just refract to cause an arc

And though atmospheric pressure can explain Aurora’s spark

And the moon and sun’s alignment can account for sudden dark

Still you wonder

 While a flock of birds’ formation is just clever ebb and flow

And their epic navigation is pure habit, don’t you know?

Scientific explanation can account for where they go

Still you wonder

 Oh a butterfly’s perfection is just camouflage, we hear

And a baby’s soft complexion just ensures its mother’s care

And the human heart’s affection is electrical, that’s clear

Still you wonder

If we really are just carbon, why the need for poetry?

Why does music spur our hearts on, lift our senses joyfully?

Why the laughter and the heartache if it’s all just chemistry?

Makes you wonder

Carol Plunkett

June 2009


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